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NeuroNutrition for your brain!

How NeuroNutrition turns your brain, from hated into happy habits to finally reach your personal goals.


Dr. Yvonne Ritze, Expert in Behavioral Neuroscience


Does this sound familiar?

My career is stagnating.

I have a hard time getting to sleep.

I have reoccuring headaches and/or back pain.

I have bad eating/drinking habits.

I want to free my thoughts and actions.

I want to control my energy level, easily.

I want to feel vital, rested and sexy.

I love to nourish my body.


Mon AMI (french) = My Friend
My vision of the Mon AMI (my friend) Method is to build trust- and respectful relationships as the basis for our neuroscientific approach towards transforming your behavior patterns. 
First Analysing, second Method selection and third implementation of your personal methods will bring joy and success into your daily life!

Get NeuroNutrition for your brain, now!
I can't wait to NeuroNourish your brain and turn hated into happy Habits! 


That's right. You get your personal analysis based on newest neuroscientific findings. You get clarity about who you are and who you want to be in your future life.



I love what I do and it shows on the faces and in the hearts of my clients. How? With neuroscience based, highly personalized methods functioning for you.



It's your dream, I am here to help you realize it. Step by step, we implement your personal methods into your daily life. The daily continuum is the secret to your success.


Jasmin (Stutt., Germany)

Dear Yvonne, I feel you are such a kind and honest person who takes time for me. You address my issues individually and make me feel that everything I say, how I feel, is right without judging me. I am so looking forward to our next appointment and I already say "Thank you"!!!

About Me


Yvonne is passionate about people and personal development.

Yvonne is an expert in behavioral neuroscience.

For more than 10 years she worked as a research group leader with focus on nutrition, sleep and learning behavior.

In 2019, she founded her own business Dr. Yvonne Ritze Mentoring.


Yvonne has designed and conducted numerous workshops & seminars in academic and non-academic settings since being a teenager.


As a mentor she coaches people with goals concerning health, fitness and career.


Yvonne is married and has two children, successfully balancing family and career.

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