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Clear your mind and succeed!

How to clear your mind on a regular basis to become vital and rested.

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Service Description

Do you know the feeling, you come home from work and your head is buzzing like a beehive? You have the feeling that your head is about to split. If you are prone to migraine, there is the fear of a migraine attack again. What do you do? You still have a lot to do and take painkillers to somehow survive the day? Or you darken the room and go straight to bed with a hot water bottle in your neck? What if: - this overload in your head didn't happen in the first place? - you recognized and eliminated the causes of your buzzing head? - you felt fit and fresh minded every day? I use tools proven by neuroscientific studies that will keep your head clear and fresh. Tools that you can use regularly to protect yourself from overload. In this workshop we will definitely NOT give you a headwash. You can do that yourself. Together, we will clean your head from the inside! We will clear your mind and bring new freshness into your thinking, as pleasant and joyful as a fresh breeze from the ocean. Most of us take a shower once a day. We brush our teeth 1-2 times a day. We clean our appartments, houses and cars. Why don't we ever consciously clean our minds? You ask yourself what is the point of cleaning our minds at all? Is it even necessary or useful? Yes, it is. This workshop will help you to step back and watch yourself creating your life: - We will recognized and eliminated the causes of your buzzing head. - You will get tools at hand to make your mind feel fit and refreshed every day. - Together we will implement these tools into your daily life to circumvent buzzing brains, headaches and even migrane. Are you curious about how to clear your mind to feel fresh and powerful every day? Then sign up for this workshop and profit from easy and genial methods for your daily well-being, based on newest neuroscientific findings. Wishing you all the best because you deserve it! Yours Yvonne

Contact Details

Badstraße 36, Reutlingen, Germany

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